We bring 10+ years of experience in advertising and commercial content production; shooting and directing. 

Starting from the concept/ theme, to production and post production; 06 Media SAS is a French company with an extremely talented diverse team and a small studio in the south of France - Nice. Based out of the French Riviera for the sea and sunshine, our creative team is available for commissions worldwide. A robust production and post production team equipped with latest in-house camera equipment and advanced accessories. 
Our team includes in-house producer & creatives along with several freelance artists/ professionals based locally. A highly skilled back-end post production team based out of Bangalore, India for high-end post production work. Along with our partner companies in India & Estonia, we work with direct clients as well as marketing/ advertising agencies globally for a diverse set of clientele; Creative Video Production and Commercial/ Advertising Photography.
Matthieu Berthod 
Producer + Sales & Client Servicing
Matthieu comes from the performing arts domain and has worked in the audiovisual industry for over 15 years.
Following the Preimony Drama School in Paris, he has acquired expertise at many levels of production and artistic direction, as well as in event management. Held various roles in production & pre-production; casting, directing, writing, production management and execution, fixing, location, costumes apart from his acting career. On movies, tv shows, short films, etc.
ShelLina ferrand 
Sales & PR Consultant
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Jérôme Champoussin
Professional Drone Pilot & Studio + Production Manager
Ex-aviation pilot license holder, entrepreneur Niçois and passionate about photography, cinema and music, Jerome is the production manager and in-house licensed commercial drone pilot. 
His role perfectly combines the skillset he possess and his interests.
Cinematographer/ Director, Advertising Photographer​​​​​​​
Worked with various advertising/ production agencies and direct clients on assignment in India and Europe for 10+ years; making films and in creative campaigns for advertisement & merchandising as well as internal communication purposes.
With a passion for story telling using the visual media, mastered the craft of film-making in Prague Film School, Czech Republic and has a post graduate  diploma in Professional Photography from premiere photography school Light & Life Academy in India.
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